Wiverton Hall Farm Shop, Norfolk


This morning I experienced what can only be described as a breakfast fit for royalty. The Wiverton Hall Farm Shop, as well as providing a wonderful gathering of fresh fruit and vegetables, and a pick-your-own scheme, has just moved up into one of my 'favourite cafe' spots. 

Situated mid fruit farm, left of the car park and parallel to where the guinea fowl take their morning strolls, The cafe is a weather-borded, pastel-coloured jewel in the coastal crown. As I tucked into my raspberries and cream, sipped my coffee and fondly anticipated my cheese scone, I watched the potted plants dance in the summer breeze, and my mother eat her bacon roll. If you ever happen* to find your self in Norfolk, its well worth a visit.

*in other words pack your suitcase and set your sat nav!