Bluejacket Workshop, Morston


Today we went for a walk from Blakeney to Stiffkey along the Norfolk Coastal Path. Naturally we stopped for a cup of tea along the way, and chose Morston Quay as a suitable recharging station. Whilst I was sitting down sipping a peppermint tea, I noticed blue sign. But not any old blue sign, one that promised 'handmade furniture, art, textile work and antiques'. Intregue, curiosity and my Mother lead me towards the Bluejacket Workshop.

A truly unique collaboration of craft and excellence, in a secluded and tranquil atmosphere away from the beaten track, the workshop and shop were an inspiration. It stands out from the local crowd of manufactured lifestyle outlets. The combination of masterfully crafted homeware and hand selected antique gems are well worth a visit to the North Norfolk Coast.

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