Upon Reflection.


This time I have no excuse. I have not been on holiday. I haven't even taken a long weekend. I have however been working, but probably not as much as I should have.

I would like to think my life was so eventful and exciting I could post  daily novels about a certain restaurant or holiday destination I had been to recently...

But it is not to be, for now anyway. For the moment, this moment of reflection, I'd like to show you todays happynesses.

Picture A:
I went into town today to meet a friend and go for a hot beverage. I came back with two old, smelly and very cheap pots from my local thrift/charity store to home my latest hoardings. They are truly hideous, but I love them.

Picture B:
It's here! I am fast becoming infatuated with this paperback marvel.

for similar pots try here (may require hours of page scrolling)
and order your copy of cereal from here.