Here and Now


It's almost that time of year already; more of the year behind us than is yet to come, and days seem to have more sunlight than moonshine. What am I up to this month? Glad you asked.

Listening to... 
Falling deeper and deeper in love with Beirut the more I listen to them, mostly on max volume, making sure I have enough space around me to dance interpretively without receiving scornful glances. 
Favourite songs being:
-Elephant Gun
-Santa Fe

Eating at... 
For special occasions, June being the month of my father's Birthday, my favourite restaurant is with out a doubt 'The Curlew' in Bodiam. It was awarded a Michelin Star in the 2011 Guide, which is very much justified in the heavenly dishes and decor. 

Wishing I owned...
A Robin Day Reclining chair. Mr Day himself says "A good design should fulfil its purpose well, be soundly constructed and should express in its design this purpose and construction." which I'm happy to tell you it does. Awesomely. The corner of my sitting room practically grieves over the absence of this masterpiece.

Amelie. Lots and lots of Amelie.